Wurth Tools Unboxing - 1/4,3/8,1/2 inch ratchet sets (2023)


In this video we take a look at Cameron's new Wurth Zebra ratchet sets and give us our impressions on the quality of the tools.

Wurth tools USA link: www.wurthusa.com/


Okay, guys today we're doing a worth tool.

Haul unboxing.

Video, uh, cameron's got a big old box of tools.

We already opened these up, but we're gonna show you guys these three really awesome, ratchet sets.

He picked up so we're gonna get him right to it.

So you open up the box here, you're greeted with three different boxes.

This is uh, the first box here, it's, a really nice worth tools box like this.

This is the 3 8 ratchet set in here, let's let that opposite side.

And then you get the big boy, this one's, unmarked big, white box.

Basically, this is just a half inch a little part number I'm, getting or I remember.

And then you get the cool zebra worth box here.

This is the quarter inch, ratchet set just letting you know all these sets are zebra set.

They do have a lifetime warranty.

They just have different parts.

And I picked all of these up from worth usa.com.

So we're gonna I guess dive into the little one first let's do the quarter inch all right.

So first unboxing, do this one? Okay, let's set it down comes a very neat work, zebra package there's, a zebra quality on it.

It is very similar to the case that jay has for his mini ratchet set.

It has a small front latch that you push the finger and opens up and you're presented with a really nice little kit here.

And if you guys can see, you guys can see this is how it's presented you have the uh, zebra quarter inch, ratchet with the radial head where you can just go like that to switch it back and forth from tightening and loosening.

You also have the screwdriver handle with the quarter inch head.

You can either put sockets on here, or you can use the bit adapter to use all these different size sockets or different size bits.

These sockets go from four millimeter to 14 millimeter.

And they include 12 point sockets, yeah.

And they they include a 5.5 as well and they're, super nice, uh, very nice quality.

They say zebra on them.

I don't know if you could see that, but really nice sockets that's, probably my favorite part of the set and everything has a comfort handle.

Uh, these are a little bit harder.

And these are more of a nice rubbery feel.

Yeah, the screwdriver, uh, it has instructions on how to read like how to service your ratchet along with information about every single size and piece of each uh.

And this is just like I like because when you put it all back, you know, exactly where everything goes, because this basically shows it it's just very nice looking.

But uh, yeah, you get a nice bid.


As you guys can see you get three millimeter.

Four millimeter.

Five millimeter.

Six millimeter, phillips head, uh, one through three, then you get a flat head.

And then you get various torques from 10 all the way up to 40.

So you get lots of bits there.

And then you also have this universal worth joint very nice quality.

You get this long extension and a medium extension.

Uh, this set comes in act.

This is probably the best value set out of all these three, uh, because if you're working on any sort of dirt bike, it covers most of the sizes you'll need.

This set on worth usa.com was about 45 dollars before tax, which is very very nice for something that has lifetime warranty and is a german tool brand, uh, this is comparable to something like aware.

Yeah, ratchet set.

Uh, these are super nice.

I think these are excellent feeling.

You can, uh when you do the ratchet one show him like this.

So if you can hear the clicks it's, very, very nice and crisp and it's, very fine too.

These are I believe these are all 72 tooth ratchets so not the crazy fine tooth.

And then in the screwdriver handle, you also have a quarter inch receiver on the back so realistically.

This is also an extension.

So you can if you can, uh, if you want to see, you can daisy chain all the little extensions together to get one huge extension.

Now, unlike the rest of this like all the rest of the sets do not come with a screwdriver handle, uh, but they do also come with two extensions.

Go ahead and put these back in the case.

And the best part is a really nice function, added feature.

So let me do this real quick.

You could take the whole rubber piece out.

And if you just want this in the toolbox now, you have this fully self-contained tool kit and it's, nice and rubbery.

So it'll, it'll stick to most metals, just like to like friction wise just thick it's, just a big chunk of rubber kind of foamy rubber.

And then it just goes right back in there and it's all custom super nice, just just to yep, that's, pretty much it just to close it.

You just snap it down.

And it closes with the latch now we'll move on to the three-eighths three-eighths kit.

Here, the three-eighths kit cost me about sixty-five dollars before tax, which is also a great value for set.

Unlike the quarter inch set, this has an actual buckle.

So go ahead and undo that very similar case, says, the quality and worth.

And you guys will be able to see this pretty similar this set runs from a six millimeter to a 22, and that includes a 6.3 millimeter, which I've never seen before, uh, just like the other two sets.

This comes with a universal joint a long extension and a medium extension and a long.

And then along with this set, you get a similar ratchet.

But this one is a three-eighths, uh, they're, nice and chunky and thick, uh.

And they have the same rotary head, very very, very nice, very very fine tooth.

Again, um, I do sockets just like the last ones are the specialized 12 point.

Spline socket.

Go on anything, basically, uh, the torx, you can go on torque, screw imperial and metric like weird star head square along with like a xcn, yeah and like all kinds of stuff.

So this is super versatile.

And then this extension I think is about 10 inches long, pretty pretty long extension for such a small kit.

So it's, super nice and again, coming in only at 65 dollars.

I mean, most ratchet like most tool brands, just the like a ratchet, and you know, like a sonic or a snap on ratchet would be about that or more kit here and same thing as the last one this whole rubber thing comes out, and you can set the toolbox so it's, really nice, yep, that's, pretty much it.

You just close it.

And you can just relax it with the buckle now onto the big.

Daddy, you want to hold one side.


So this is a design kit for coming in a self-contained.

Oh my gosh.

This one is 95 again, a half inch ratchet by itself from any major tool, brand would probably cost about 95 dollars.

So this is a very nice combo set again, just like the last set this set comes with a long extension, a short extent or a medium extension and a universal joint along with the same style of ratchet, very also, very thick, like you could probably hammer on this, uh, same rotary head, comfort, grip, just like the other one nice, comfort grip.

This, one has a little bit of lumpiness to it, which kind of feels nice in the hands, uh it's basically a club.

And if you hear very crisp very crisp very clean, um no press on the back so it's just a kind of slip socket similar to the snap-on um and then this one will run from a 10 to a 32 which is super uh skipping it unfortunately it skips from 22 to 24 24 to 26 and 26 to 28 and 28 to 30.

no it has a 27.

oh it has a 27 okay but no 29 and no 31.

so just some of those odd big ones it doesn't have but 32 is a pretty seriously big socket let me set it down real quick and what with the larger three-eighths and half inch sockets it does have that taper at the beginning I mean this thing is big very very large you can work on a pretty big piece of machinery with this guy.

So super nice kit, really heavy.


I mean, the same thing with the rubber liner like you could set this in the toolbox and then use this box or whatever and from worth usa.com all orders over 100 are free shipping.

So I had to pay washington state, income tax, but you know with all these sets coming in, uh un.

Under a hundred dollars.

Each, uh, I spent about 215 dollars after tax and it surprisingly, it came within like three days of ordering, and it came from nevada.

So it was pretty fast shipping I'm, very happy.

I can't wait to use these.

And I like th, there's, not enough good stuff.

I could say about it, yeah.

And I would say for 200, you know, you can go out and get a craftsman kit or get a cobalt kit or whatever.

And those will have more other ends like allen, wrenches and little things butt and screwdrivers and maybe a wrench set or whatever, but for high quality tools like this is comparable to weara snap on or yeah, this is like these are serious code really make a lot of money with working every day and rely on them.

And personally, my favorite part is these sockets just the 12 point thing.

These are usually super expensive from other brands.

But this is what worth does.

Most of their sets are all these 12 point, which is super nice and just super versatile, also what I've seen from the website as far as I can tell the only way to get the nice radial style, a rotary style, zebra ratchets is with the actual kits outside of the kits.

They are just the standard style ratchet with a little switcher.


So I'm going to show you guys what they look like all opened up together and they're really cool looking tools.

I think nice black and silver with a little bit of red, really nice looking tools.

And they just look very professional.

And I love my mini run that's like half this size.

And so that would kind of as cameron, yeah, as you as you saw in our mini ratchet comparison between the craftsman, the hyper tough and the in the uh that was our favorite, the worth was by far the best and jacob's had that for about a few years.

And we we use it all the time on all of our projects, yeah, and I can't wait to use these on some of my projects they're, just just so nice feeling in the hand and they, uh, they hold up very well.

Self-Contained is super nice because uh, and the metal cases because now craftsman has all these like clear plastic wands and you you get cases that like they clip in and stuff like and it's just kind of annoying to have to yank the tools out where this is just all like it's like pre-foam, like pre-cut foam, which you can only really get with like sonic tools and high-end stuff like snap-on.

So, super nice and uh, yeah, any any other thoughts, cameron, uh, I would say I would definitely check this brand out.

They have a lot of different.

They do also sell six-point sockets.

But they mostly specialize in these specialized spline sockets, um, they do sell wrenches all kinds of other tools, my the screwdriver, what they're what they're well best best known for is like chemicals.

So if you work with a company that is registered, you can sign up with them and buy some chemicals like automotive chemicals like tracing powder.

And then my favorite thing is number one, the zebra quality.

This is lifetime warranty.

If it says zebra from their website, but also the screwdrivers this one has a screwdriver, but uh, I have a screwdriver set, and I have beaten on them hammered on them.

And I've never bent a tip or anything.

And they've been the best scooters ever owned.

So yeah, I would highly recommend this worth brand, super nice.

And I think fair pricing for uh, you know, compared to something like a snap-on.

I would say the the easiest one to get from a cheaper, brand, uh would be something like this quarter inch set where you have just a small ratchet and like a gun and a ramp, bits and stuff a combo, but you're never going to be able to find the spline sockets in a kit.

Um, that is just that is that comprehensive.

And I would say this is probably the best value because it does run all the way up to a 14.

So if you were working on something like a quad or something, this will this will basically be perfect for everything, because it has phillips flathead, um, torx everything.

Now, the one that you'll that'll probably be the hardest to find is going to be this big one.

Now, this big one those half inch sockets, I don't think I've ever seen anything other than 6.12 point outside of worth now that's, not being that's, not saying there, isn't, any I'm just saying that it might be easier just to get this, because you just get such a wide array of such large sizes and try to purchase these sockets individually you're going to have quite expensive crazy.

So for 95 to get all these big old sockets, you know up to a 32 millimeter, and you get a nice extension and a super nice ratchet.

I think that's a steal.

So, uh, yeah.

Thanks for uh, taking a look at the worth with us.

Uh, cameron's, really happy with them.

I think they're, super cool.

And uh, you guys should check them out I'll, leave links in the description to these products and their website.


So, yeah, please like and subscribe.

If you guys want to see more tool videos, or if you enjoyed any of our other videos, see ya.

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