Neric (2023)

Neric is a shipper term used to describe the romantic relationship between Tech Operator, Eric Beale and Intelligence Analyst, Nell Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles


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Since Nell was introduced in Season 2, she and Eric have closely worked together and become partners, working side by side in the Ops Center to watch over and look out for the team during missions. Originally, Eric and Nell had difficulty working together when Nell first joined the team, especially since she seemed rather distant to Eric. However, as the years pass, Eric and Nell grow more closer and Nell begins to open up more to Eric. They eventually became best friends and always enjoy doing activities together. Eric has always harboured romantic feelings for Nell and while it didn’t seem so at first, Nell was later revealed to return Eric’s feelings. They shared their first kiss during Christmas in Season 4 and shared another kiss while undercover together as a couple in Season 8. Eventually towards the end of Season 9, it’s revealed they have begun a romantic relationship and by Season 10, they are planning on moving in together.




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  • Neric are considered the secondary couple on NCIS: Los Angeles.
  • Eric and Nell enjoy celebrating Christmas.
  • Eric and Nell ship Deeks and Kensi’s relationship as Densi and Keeks respectively.
  • They are frequently referred as the Two Merrkats in Ops.
  • They shared their first kiss in Season 4 Episode 10: Free Ride.
  • Nell wants to someday leave the Ops Center to become an official NCIS agent which concerns Eric.

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