How Many Cards Are There In Uno? & Other Common Questions (2023)

Uno is a great game and relatively simple to play, but that doesn’t mean questions won’t pop up.

One of the ones I hear people ask a lot is around the cards of Uno itself.

How many cards are there in Uno and etc.

So I decided to help by compiling this list of commonly asked questions and their answers for you all in one place! Enjoy and then go play this super fun game!

How Many Cards Are There In Uno? & Other Common Questions (1)

Uno isn’t hard, but the rules still need to be learned. Enter our guide!

We’ll help you learn the RIGHT way to play Uno for maximum enjoyment!

Learn how to play Uno now!

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How Many Cards are there in Uno Game?

Ah, Uno! The classic card game that brings us joy, laughter, and maybe a little bit of friendly tension. You’ve probably played it a few times (or a few hundred), but have you ever stopped to wonder, “How many cards are actually in this deck?”

There are 108 cards in an Uno deck. But let’s break that down, shall we?

How Many Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Cards Are There In Uno?

Within this vibrant deck of 108 cards, the color distribution is pretty even. We’re looking at four primary colors: red, green, blue, and yellow.

Each of these four colors has its own set of cards numbered from 0 to 9, with each number appearing twice – except for the 0, of which there’s just one. If you’ve done the math already, congrats! That’s 19 cards per color.

But, wait. What about those Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two cards? Well, each color has two of each of those as well. Add another six cards for each color, and you get 25 cards per color. Multiply that by four (for each of the colors), and we’re at 100 cards.

“So,” you’re thinking, “where do the other 8 cards come in?” Great question, friend. These are the Wild and Wild Draw Four cards, and there are four of each, making up the remaining eight cards.

I guess you could say, the more you know about Uno, the less chance you have of drawing that pesky Draw Four card… or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

How Many Cards Does Each Player Start with in Uno?

There’s nothing quite like a good ol’ game of Uno to light up a casual gaming night, right? So, let’s dive into one of the essential aspects of setting up the game.

Every player, after deciding to embark on this color-coordinated journey of strategy (and a pinch of luck), begins with a hand of seven cards. Yes, you heard that right, seven! Not too many to overwhelm you, yet enough to stir up the excitement.

Just imagine those seven little rectangles of joy, each potentially holding the power to shift the entire game in your favor.

Or, if the Uno gods aren’t smiling down on you, they might be the very tools your opponent uses to send you tumbling to defeat. Ah, the thrill of it all!

Remember, Uno isn’t just about the luck of the draw; it’s also about how you play your hand. So, take a moment to marvel at your initial set of seven cards. It’s your first step into the wild and wonderful world of Uno.

Are There Any Unique Cards in Uno That Add to the Total Count?

Oh, the joy of playing Uno! The thrill of putting down that wild card and changing the entire game, or the mischievous delight in sending a “Skip” card to your rival.

But have you ever stopped and wondered, “How many of these game-changer cards are there?” Well, let’s dive into the world of Uno, shall we?

How Many Wild Cards Are There in Uno?

Wild cards – the wily jesters of the Uno deck, the changelings that can morph into any color at a moment’s notice.

They can change the tide of the game and leave your opponents gasping. So, how many of these unpredictable critters lurk in your standard Uno deck?

The answer, dear friends, is a cool four. That’s right, four wild cards waiting to wreak havoc or save the day, depending on who’s holding them.

How Many Draw Two Cards Are Included in the Uno Deck?

Next, let’s talk about the “Draw Two” cards.

You know, those delightfully wicked little numbers that can make your fellow player groan in dismay? (Unless they’re armed with their own “Draw Two”, of course.)

Well, you’ll find two of these in each color, making it a total of eight “Draw Two” cards in an Uno deck.

Yep, that’s eight chances to delight in your opponent’s despair… or eight risks to dread, depending on your luck!

How Many Skip Cards Are There in Uno?

Now, onto the “Skip” cards. As the name suggests, these are your chance to play the Uno equivalent of “Simon says you can’t move.”

Every standard Uno deck contains eight of these game-stalling tricksters, two for each color.

So, whether you’re plotting to thwart the next player or just hoping to avoid a Skip yourself, remember – there are eight “Skips” out there!

How Many Reverse Cards Are in an Uno Deck?

Lastly, let’s visit the “Reverse” cards – the ones that flip the game on its head and send it spinning in the opposite direction.

(Anyone else feeling dizzy?) Similar to the “Skip” cards, there are also eight “Reverse” cards in an Uno deck – two for each color.

These reversals of fortune add an exciting twist, ensuring that no two games of Uno are ever the same.

Are There Any Variations in the Number of Cards Depending on the Edition or Version of Uno?

Definitely! While the classic Uno game that we all know and love comes with a deck of 108 cards, variations in the number of cards can be found in different editions and versions of Uno.

Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Uno Deluxe

First up, we have the Uno Deluxe version. It contains the same 108 cards as the original game, but with an additional ‘Swap Hands’ card and 3 customizable wild cards.

This bumps the total count up to 112 cards.

Uno Attack

Next, we have the Uno Attack version. Now, this one throws a curveball (literally!) as it includes an electronic card launcher and comes with a total of 112 cards.

It introduces some extra special command cards like ‘Discard All’, ‘Hit 2’, and ‘Trade Hands’ which add a whole new level of excitement to the game.

Uno Flip

Shuffling things up a bit, we’ve got Uno Flip. This edition literally flips the classic game on its head with a double-sided deck and special ‘Flip’ card.

The deck contains 112 cards, but with a twist – half of them are ‘light side’ cards and the other half are ‘dark side’ cards. This introduces a challenging new dynamic as players must keep track of both sides of the deck.

Uno Dare

Last but not least, we have Uno Dare. This version ramps up the stakes with a daring new twist, featuring 16 dare cards alongside the regular deck.

This brings the total to, you guessed it, 112 cards.

All these variations certainly add an extra dash of fun and excitement to the game, don’t they?

So next time you’re looking for a twist on the classic game of Uno, consider trying out one of these versions.

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How Many Uno Cards Are Left in the Draw Pile After Dealing?

If every person gets 7 cards, then the answer is a simple mathematical formula based on the number of players you have!

108 – (# of players * 7) = # of cards left in the deck

So if you have 2 players, take 2 * 7 (14). Now, do 108 – 14 to get 94 cards left in the deck!

Of course, if you don’t like all the math, here’s a quick chart!

# of players# of cards left in the deck

What Happens When Players Run Out of Cards in Uno?

When you play Uno, the draw pile is your lifeline. But what happens if that lifeline dries up? If the draw pile is depleted during a game, the rules are quite clear and, lucky for you, pretty straightforward.

Here’s the rundown: The discard pile, the pile where you’ve been placing your played cards, steps into the limelight.

You’ll need to shuffle this pile to create a new draw pile, ensuring the game continues seamlessly. Don’t worry, it’s the discard pile’s moment to shine, let it have its glory.

However, there’s a wee bit of an exception that keeps things interesting. The last card that was played (i.e., the topmost card on the discard pile) should remain there.

That card will set the stage for the next round of play. After all, it would be quite a jarring jump to go from a red 6 to a wild draw four, wouldn’t it?

Now you might be asking, “What’s the purpose of all this card-shuffling business?” The answer lies in the continuity of the game.

Uno is a game that thrives on the unexpected, the twists and turns that keep every player on their toes. The replenishing of the draw pile ensures that the game can continue in its unpredictable glory without hitching a halt.

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